Mailchimp Says Goodbye to Shopify, but Does it Really Matter?


Yesterday Mailchmip announced that they asked Shopify to “remove the Mailchimp for Shopify integration for new users from their marketplace” (source). Mailchimp said they made this decision in the best interest of their customers, and we choose to believe they really mean that, even though it’s causing a bit of panic among Shopify + Mailchimp users. (Read the whole announcement in the post linked below.)

If you’re a Shopify + Mailchimp user, you’re probably wondering what you need to do.

First, if you’re happy with Mailchimp and want to keep using it, you can! In Shopify, you can use an app called ShopSync - this app will sync the data from your Shopify store to your Mailchimp account.

If you’re not so sure about Mailchimp any more, there are two email marketing platforms that integrate with Shopify that we recommend: Constant Contact and Klaviyo.

Both of these email marketing platforms are great tools to manage your email lists. In our opinion they have a bit steeper learning curve than Mailchimp, but they’re both built with growth in mind. Keep in mind that migrating platforms, at any level, will require a bit of time and commitment to get things set up and transferred over.

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