Subscriptionpreneur Group Coaching Program

We’re currently accepting applications to our next Group Coaching Program starting Summer 2019.

Derian is a wonderful mentor! He truly is very passionate about helping other subscriptioneuers grow and succeed in this industry. His group coaching was extremely informative AND interactive. Derian provided me with so many helpful tools to grow my business. I would highly recommend his group coaching sessions!
— Becca Ling, Owner, Something New Bridal Box

Group Coaching Overview

Hey Subscriptionpreneurs!

I've put together a Subscription Box Group Coaching Program where I will cover the strategies and topics that come up most frequently with my one-on-one coaching clients. We will meet once a week for six weeks over video chat using Zoom. This way I'll be able to share my screen and we can all "hang out" and have some great discussion, you can ask your questions, share your own insights, and also learn from other Subscriptionpreneurs.

Here is some of what you can expect to dive into:

• Building out customer personas to identify your perfect target market
• Establishing your product-market fit
• Sub Box Financials - Building a P&L, Forecasting, and managing your box to become profitable
• Creating the perfect unboxing experience
• Pricing Strategies to Propel your Growth
• Optimizing your homepage and sign up flow
• Digitial Marketing - FB Ads, Google Ads, and Retargeting
• Content Marketing - Email nurture sequences, mastering social media, SEO, Blogging, etc.
• Influencers and Affiliate Marketing - Setting yourself up for success
• How to raise money from investors
• Tools, Resources, Metrics, Analytics, and the Co-Hort Analysis to use to predict your growth and produce more revenue
• Plus Growth Tips, Tricks, & Strategies for acquisition and long-term retention

Sounds exciting, right?! I could geek out about this stuff all day, ha!

For those not familiar with my background, I launched my own subscription box from scratch out of my living room in 2013. The market responded, and it quickly grew. I raised $3 Million from investors, hired 30+ people, and started cranking out boxes. We acquired over 25,000 subscribers and then sold to our largest competitor in the Summer of 2017 who has millions of subscribers.

But the point is, I've been right where most of you are at one time or another. I've been through the trials. I've learned 100+ ways that won't grow your box. And through that experience, I've also learned a lot about what DOES work.

I’ve put in over 3,000 hours helping other subscription box owners reach their goals. Working with boxes at all stages, from pre-launch to several thousand subscribers. But as there has been more of a demand for my time, I wanted to put together a group coaching program so that I can continue to help as many people as possible with their growth and marketing strategies.

As a double bonus, you'll also get to connect with other Subscriptionpreneurs, which will add value to the sessions and be a lot of fun!

Check out the reviews on this page from others who have gone through the group coaching program and then click the button to apply!

Our next session starts Summer 2019!

If you have any questions, please email me directly at

To your success,


I started a subscription box just over a year ago. I was super excited about my idea and feeling unstoppable. And then I realized that this platform for business was completely unknown to me. There is so much more than filling up a gorgeous box and shipping it off to to the eager recipient. Derian Baugh is an expert in this field and will definitely save you time and money with his expertise. Get on board today! And if you’ve been at it awhile, if you’re not crushing it, working with Derian is a game changer.
— April Cacciatori, Founder, Zenspiration Boxes

I recently participated in the six week group coaching course with Derian Baugh and am so glad that I made this investment in my company. I found each week to be full of very practical information that I was able to apply to my business. Derian was great at getting right to the point each week, sharing valuable tools and answering any questions that came up. This is not a course that gives out theoretical ideas, but one that will leave you with homework each week to help better and grow your business. I highly recommend this course to anyone trying to grow their subscription box business!
— Stephanie Hall, Owner, Butterfly Box

Derian’s Sub Box Coaching Session was exactly what I needed to help grow my subscription box business. Before taking his class, I had been learning everything myself and it was wonderful to work through fundamental topics in-depth with the support and stories of other entrepreneurs at the same stage in their businesses. Derian had a deep knowledge of the industry and his advice was sound, helpful, and up-to-date. He also included actionable steps for success in each session that could be easily implemented without high additional costs. I loved his one-on-one coaching session at the end because Derian could provide strategic advice unique to my business. I have come away from the sessions armed with the essential tools to realize my vision and help my subscription box grow into something truly impactful.
— Serina, Owner, Earthlove

This coaching program has been such a great investment for my business. Derian really breaks everything you need to know to get your business going, tools to be successful if you are already in business, and great insight for your business. Even if it is a group program, you really feel like it is still personal. It was so beneficial and I would definitely do another session in the future! I highly recommend working with Derian for coaching! You will not regret it!
— Sarah Cinningham, Owner, The Boxy Momma Co.

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from Derian. The best part is having an outline of how to do things that need to be done throughout the time frame of the course. We were given information we could use right away to improve our sites/offerings/etc, as well as stuff to work on for the long haul. I encourage any new box business owner to sign up.
— Shereen Jegtvig Lehman, Founder, Introverts Retreat

I really enjoyed the Subscriptionpreneur Group Coaching Program. I am at the pre-launch stage and learned how to set up my FB ads and email marketing which is imperative to beginner sub box entrepreneurs like me. Derian explained the importance of having a lead magnet as an opt-in to obtain email addresses and the elements to convert those email subscribers into customers through his 3 stages of email marketing (the warm up, soft sale, and hard sale). Not only am I prepared for a successful pre-launch but I also received countless golden nuggets to continue scaling my sub box business into a thriving business model with digital marketing, sub box financials and metrics, to creating a unique unboxing experience, retention and referrals. Derian has a very relatable touch and knows the struggles of starting a business, scaling a business, and exiting a business. It’s great to learn from someone who has gone through every phase of operating a successful subscription box.
— Toureia Harrison, Owner, Soothing Indulgence Spa Box

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